Bib`li*oth”e*ca*ry\, n. [L. bibliothecarius: cf. F. biblioth[‘e]caire.] A librarian. [Obs.]

Why “bibliothecary”?  According to‘s definition, the term is obsolete, but I was drawn to the antiquated lexeme.  Perhaps it is because I keep reading how the roles of libraries and librarians are obsolescent.

My fellow librarians and I know that is not the case and are reinventing services, and insighting discussion about our profession and what we can offer our communities – be they the general public, scholars, historians, or corporate employees.  My librarian colleagues and I are information managers and liaisons, not book-keepers.  We facilitate learning and expansion of the mind in this technological renaissance, where access to information is almost ubiquitous.

We will continue to be relevant and ever present, though our skills, job descriptions, and places of employment evolve.


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