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WEBINAR: “Developing a Powerful Personal Learning Network (PLN)” with Richard Byrne

There are 9 webinars over the course of today and tomorrow that are part of the Washington Library Media Association’s “This is LIT”: WLMA/Lib2.011 Webinars for Teacher-Librarians.

Of specific interest to me is “Developing a Powerful Personal Learning Network (PLN)”  with Richard Byrne, taking place today (10/14/11) at 11:05am Pacific/2:05pm Eastern.

Richard makes the very good point that “You can learn a lot by observing and occasionally sharing with a network. But until you start to share, you won’t experience the full benefits of social media.”  Engage and get involved in today’s session if you can.  If you can’t attend, but are still interested in exploring the topic of PLNs, Richard shares the slide deck for today’s presentation on his blog.


Stanford Hosts FREE Online Courses

Stanford will hosting 3 free online computer science courses this Fall:

Introduction to Databases
Machine Learning
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 

They are available through the Stanford Engineering Department with open enrollment.  I don’t know if there will be any limit to the number of participants, further information is set to be released this September.  The Stanford Report can be read here.

Other seemingly self-paced online curriculum that is part of Prof. Andrew Ng’s OpenClassroom can be found on the OpenClassroom website.  It is unclear whether the courses listed on this page will be offered as a structured online offering, or are just available for interested parties.