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Hello World!

Yes, cheesy I know, but I never know how to introduce myself and with the internet’s 20 year anniversary last week I thought it was apropos.

So, I’m Rebecca and I’ll be writing this blog.  I’ve made several attempts at blogging before – none successful, mostly because I didn’t keep up with it – so I’ll see how this goes.  I realized recently the key to gaining followers is to advertise your blog, which may seem obvious to some, but in my naivety I assumed people would just find me.

My purpose here, is to try and become more involved with the library and information science (LIS) industry, establish a dialog about articles and topics that I find interesting, and work on my own professional development.  I don’t intend, at this time, to simply post links to relevant articles, but do so often on my Twitter feed @rml_msis.