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Shotton’s Five Star Proposal for Evaluation of Online Journal Articles

Yesterday I came across an article from D-Lib Magazine, an open access publication focused on topics related to digital libraries and technology, proposing a new system for evaluating online journal articles.  David Shotton wrote the article The Five Stars of Online Journal Articles – A Framework for Evaluation to call for a rating system that addresses the following five stars/categories:  Peer Review (for quality); Open Access (for greater reach); Enriched Content (to enhance the reader’s experience and knowledge); Available Datasets (for re-use and validation); and Machine-readable Metadata (for discoverability).

Each category is then rated on a scale of 0-4, with variable definitions by category.  The clear focus is on quality information that is verified and openly available for all to read, and making research data freely available for validation and re-use.  Shotton has also published the Five Stars of Online Journal Ontology, and indicates that Ubiquity Press has expressed interest in using this system.  His reference list is quite extensive, and provides other valuable resources on the topic of open access to scholarly research.